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Avoidance attitude towards learning of mathematics in secondary school

Bipoupout Jean Calvin

University of Yaoundé 1


Received 16 November, 2011; Abstract


From a context characterized by a preoccupation of developing mathematics competence and other scientific competences, as well as a manifestation of a negative attitude towards the learning process of mathematics, the present study had two main objectives as follows: (1) to determine the link between the teachers' attitude in classroom situation and the learner’s development of an avoidance attitude towards mathematics; (2) to examine the likely effects of a positive variation of the teachers’ attitude in classroom situation on the extinction of avoidance attitude towards mathematics. From data collected on the field through questionnaires addressed to form three students and mathematics teachers, enriched by a classroom observation; the study reveals amongst other aspects that, the learning conditions of mathematics in the school milieu were unpleasant; a negative affective relationship exists between the learner and mathematics. In short, the study confirms that the more negative the teachers’ attitude in classroom situation the more likely would be the learner’s development of an avoidance attitude and the less likely will be the extinction of an acquired avoidance attitude towards mathematics.


Keywords: Mathematics, avoidance attitude, extinction, the attitude of the teacher in classroom situation.


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