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“Child Labour”- A Product of Socio-Economic Problem for India, Findings and Preventives- A Case of Bhubabaneswar (A State Capital of India)

*Sanjay Mohapatra and Manusmita Dash

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubanswar-751013, India

*Corresponding author email: ,

Received 01 April, 2011; Accepted June 05, 2011


It has been observed in India and other countries, that the practice of ‘child labor’ is a socio- economic problem. Many appalling realities like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, low wages, ignorance, social prejudices, regressive traditions, poor standard of living, backwardness, superstition, low status of women have combined to give birth to the terrible practice of child laborThe prevalence of child labour is one of the most important problems confronting the world at large, especially developing countries such as India. In many cases, child labour is mainly necessitated by economic compulsions of the parents. The main reason which gives rise to child labour is widespread unemployment and underemployment among the adult poor strata of the population, inter alia, due to sharp growth of population. Large families with low income and often lack of educational facilities, illiteracy and ignorance of parents about the importance of education as well as about the impact of labour on the health of their children are some of the reasons which breed child labour.


Keywords: Social evil, organized sector; unorganized sector, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, labour legislation.

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