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The pedagogical hindrances to oral communication skills in English in Kenya: a case of secondary schools in Kisii County

Paul Onsare Onchera (PhD)

University of Kabianga, Kenya: P.O. Box 2030- 20200, Kericho, Kenya

Received June 29, 2013; Accepted July 22, 2013


Oral communication has been included in the compulsory and examinable integrated English secondary school curriculum to help students acquire fluency in English. However, the teaching of oral skills is the most neglected area in the English programme for secondary schools. Therefore, the present study investigated the factors perceived by teachers of English that affect the teaching of oral communication in the secondary school English language classroom. This study employed a descriptive survey design focusing on the secondary school teachers of English and their learners. The results revealed that most teachers use lecture and Question/ Answer methods more than any other technique. Thus, the teacher played an active role while the learners remained passive. The study also revealed that teachers do not make efforts to provide opportunities for learners to practice oral skills in the class. Language teacher trainers need to emphasize the teaching of oral skills in schools. It is also necessary that the language syllabus be reviewed from time to time and that classroom teachers should be involved in syllabus design so as to suggest practical tasks. The study recommends testing of oral skills at the end of form four.

Keywords: Oral communication, oral skills, language classroom, School curriculum


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