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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 2(7), pp. 1243-1247  July 2011         
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Orphan enrolment in primary schools and its challenges on the head teachers administrative tasks: a case study of Nandi hills division in Nandi south district, Kenya

1Beth Mwelu Mutilu,  1Emily Nyabisi, 2*Lewis Muli Ngesu, 2Lydia Wachira


1PhD Student, Moi University

2Lecturer, University of Nairobi

*Corresponding author Emails: ,

Received 19 April, 2011; Accepted June 15, 2011


The study investigated the effect of rising enrolment of orphans in Nandi hills division on the head teachers’ administrative tasks. The study was motivated by the fact that the division registered the highest increment of orphans than other divisions in Nandi south district. The sampled respondents for this study were 18 public primary schools and included 18 head teachers, 18 guidance and counselling teachers, 72 class teachers, 72 orphaned pupils and 72 guardians. Data was generated by means of interviews, questionnaires and documentary analysis. The findings revealed that enrolment of orphaned pupils in primary schools pose many challenges to head teachers’ administrative tasks that is, administratively, financially, materially and others.  The study provides useful information to education administrators, policy makers and planners particularly on orphaned pupils’ enrolment rules vis-à-vis resources available.


Keywords: Orphan enrolment, challenges, administrative tasks, Nandi hills

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