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Full Length Research Paper

Problems solving using different register of representation

Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma

Escuela Superior de Cómputo, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México

E-mail:; Tel; 57296000; Ext. 52041

Received 28 November, 2011; Accepted 12 January, 2012


In this paper are showed on the results of research whose aim was to document and analyze the manner in which students relate different representations when solving problems. A total of 20 students took part in the study, students attending their first year of university studies. In order to design the problem, the underlying information in each representation was deemed to be the starting point of different inferences and of different cognitive processes. The findings obtained make it possible to assert that the underlying information in each representation is not visible to all students and that a problem can foster handling of different representations, the making and verifying of various conjectures and the transfer of knowledge acquired in previous courses.


Keywords:  Representations, solving problem, verifying conjectures.


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