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Self perceived competences of internship after family practice training in Monastir (Tunisia)

Soltani Mohamed Soussi1, El Mhamdi Sana*1, Sriha Asma1, Ben Salem Kamel1,

Letaief Mondher1

1Department de Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Monastir, University of Monastir

*Corresponding Author E-mail:; Phone : +216 73 462 200;

Fax : +216 73 460 737

Received January 02, 2013; Accepted 21 February, 2013


In Tunisia, the training for family physicians must reflect the new health needs of our population (increasing volume of medical knowledge, needs of an aging population..). The objective of this study was to evaluate self-perceived competence before and after four months family medicine internship in Monastir. We performed a before-after study design with prospective consecutive data collection. All Family Medicine internships were included during a period of 32 months (from the 01/03/2008 to the 31/10/2010). The evaluation tool consists of five dimensions on primary care activities; global care approach; activities of care coordination; continuity of care and achieving public health goals with a total of 51 items. Internship self evaluation was conducted at the beginning and the end of the training period. A total of 300 medical interns were included in this study. Significant increases were found in self-perceived competence for the majority of the skills examined. The items with no significant improvement were those in which experience and confidence remained poor at the end of training. The university faculties of medicine and the ministry of health should incorporate family medicine training in medical curses and increase the supply of educational resources to meet training requirements.

Keywords: Family Practice, Internship and Residency Education Tunisia.

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