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Evaluation of the relationship between Internet accessibility and students performance: Case study of Strathmore University 

Khakata Esther Nyokabi1* and Ateya Ismail Lukandu2

1Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Information Technology, Strathmore University, Kenya     

2Academic and Research Director, Faculty of Information Technology, Strathmore University, Kenya

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Received 10 October, 2011; Accepted 09 November 2011


Performance can be described as the level of achievement expressible by an individual, as a relationship of an independent variable. In the educational sector performance can be described as a reflection of the total involvement of a student in the learning environment. It includes social and emotional development, communication skills and participation in the learning activities as well as academic achievement. This research addressed the relationship between internet connectivity and the performance of students. The students found the internet very useful as far as their studies are concerned since they were in a position to access a very wide range of information.


Keywords: Performance, internet access, internet connectivity.


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