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Environmental education as a tool for raising awareness about the damage caused by air pollution

Claudia Ramos de Rainho Ribeiro1, Claudia Alessandra Fortes Aiub2, Israel Felzenszwalb3* 

Laboratório de Mutagênese Ambiental, Instituto de Biologia Roberto, Alcantara Gomes, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Av.28 de, setembro 87 fds, 205551-030, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Received 01 February, 2012; Accepted 15 February, 2012


Environmental education is a tool that helps people tackles socio-environmental problems and conflicts. It is designed to educate the population about the problems caused to human healthand the planet. In the present work we analyzed how students understand the effects ofatmospheric air pollution. We worked with elementary schoolchildren and a group of youths and adults, both from CIEP Leonel de Moura Brizola, a school in Rio de Janeiro. We told the younger children a story and asked them to make posters about the problems we had presented. We gave a seminar to the youths and adults, which was followed by a discussion on the damage caused by air pollution. The school teachers were also present at these activities. Our observations suggest that the pupils understood the subject well. Both groups were able to suggest ways of decreasing the emission of pollutants, but the elementary schoolchildren were more participative. We suggest that environmental education should be geared towards the interests of the group of students in question.


Keywords: Environmental education, air pollution, elementary school students, youth and adult education.

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