Educational Research

Educational Research (ISSN: 2141-5161) Vol. 4(11), pp. 768-776, December 2013. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2013 International Research Journals



Inter-sectorial governance approach for improved adult health education in developing countries

Olivia A.T.  Frimpong Kwapong (PhD)

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Fulbright Scholar (Associate Professor, University of Ghana)

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Received October 27, 2013; Accepted November 20, 2013



Building a healthy nation calls for multiple approaches with diverse stakeholders. Developing countries have the responsibility to grow a healthy population for wealth creation in a health care environment fraught with numerous challenges. The strength in collaboration for improved health was explored among stakeholders of health in a survey. Results revealed the willingness to support a more enhanced inter-sectorial collaboration for improved adult health education for poverty alleviation.

Keywords: Governances, adult education, poverty, development, Africa. 


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