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Educational Research (ISSN: 2141-5161) Vol. 4(11), pp. 748-767, December 2013. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2013 International Research Journals


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Between Lebanon and UAE: principals’ usage of social media what, where, when and why?

Khalil Al-Jammal and Norma Ghamrawi*

Faculty of Education- Lebanese University

*Corresponding authors e-mail:

Accepted December 23, 2013



The purpose of this study was the degree private school leaders from Lebanon and the UAE were using social media in their schools. The study addresses the frequency school leaders used social media sites, purposes for using and the problems they encountered while using it. 150 school principals from each country participated by completing a survey. Data was analyzed using SPSS 21.0. Results indicate that the usage of social media by principals from both countries was limited. However, the Lebanese image was even darker than that of their UAE counterparts. The study provides recommendations for practice and future research. 

Keywords: School leadership - social media- communication by technology.

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