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The eye of the butterfly and success in life, leading and living

Prof. Dr. Kim Cheng Patrick Low

Ph.D. and Chartered Marketer, Certified MBTI Administrator and Certified Behavioral Consultant/ Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Professor of Management and Marketing/Associate, University of South Australia


Received 25 November, 2012; Abstract


Everyone wants to be successful in their lives, in their sales/business or careers and in everything that they do; they really want to succeed. And in this paper, readers would want to find out what does the butterfly represents and how does it relate to success in life? Often the butterfly forgets that it was once a caterpillar. It was fat, ugly and clumsy but now, graceful and beautiful. In this study, some of the strategies uncovered through the eye and the way of the Butterfly include accepting change, knowing about time and timing (things have its cycle), being unhurried or patient, cool and calm; and living in abundance, as well as enjoying the moment.


Keywords: Butterfly, success, change, metamorphosis, abundance, free and easy, present moment, resilience.


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