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Dropout rate reducing strategies in Denmark and in Hungary

Szilvia Schmitsek

Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University

E-mail: smicsek@gmail. com

Received 19 October, 2012; Abstract


The focus of my research is to reveal the efficiency of Hungarian and Danish dropout-rate reducing strategies, good practices in order to help the population concerned reintegrate into the education system and/or the world of work and above all into society. In addition, my aim is to make a clear comparison between the dropout rate reducing strategies applied in Hungary and in Denmark. I intend to concentrate on student retention and achievement which, I assume, are strongly related to the following three factors: the efficient mentoring system, peer assistance and encouraging learning environment.


Keywords: Dropout-rate, early school leavers, early school leaving, disadvantaged groups, innovative methods, encouraging learning environment, and flexible education system.

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