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Can core values enhance talent? Lessons learnt from a Singapore non–profit organisation

1Prof. Dr. Patrick Kim Cheng Low and 2Sik Liong Ang

1Ph.D. and Chartered Marketer, Certified MBTI Administrator and Certified Behavioral Consultant/ Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Professor of Management and Marketing/Associate, University of South Australia

2Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies, University Brunei Darussalam, Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE 1410, Brunei

*Corresponding    Author    E-mail:

Received 23 November, 2012; Abstract


Talent or human capital is the primary driver of any successful organization, better talents will definitely differentiate higher performance organization from the rest; and talent management is critical when it comes to business excellence and success. Even though talented people are crucial to society (organization), even more important is the person who knows how to find talented people for business development, continuity and sustainability. It is a common practice for leader to spot leader; and (s)he also breeds leaders. Therefore, it takes talent to spot talent! In this paper, the practitioner-researchers talk about talent selection and talent management which involves the process of injecting new talents and human resource development in a continuous natural way. The authors also highlight the importance of Confucian values in order to make it works.


Keywords: Talent management, filial piety, Confucius, Confucianism, leadership, the talent portfolio, people-oriented management, influence, being persuasive.


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