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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 2(12), pp. 1727-1732, December 2011         
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Human values in education: Reflecting on the core

Narayan Krishna Prabhu, Ph.D

AMA International University of Bahrain


Received 22 September, 2011; Accepted 07 November, 2011


An in-depth study is initiated in values and human values in particular along with contributions of various researchers. An historical peep into value literature is followed by retrospections on the connections between values and education. The human values’ interventions in the academic field are probed for their utility. The response[s] of the education system is deciphered with societal and community needs in the backdrop. How Value Education elevates man is emphasized. The Western and Eastern thoughts on the captioned subject are compared. The Value System of East Asia and India is delineated. The Universal Values and the changes it would bring about are emphasized.


Keywords: Values, human values, value system, human values’ interventions, value education, universal values.

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