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Impact of information technology skills of male and female secretarial teachers in Nigeria Colleges of Education on utilization of internet for effective lecture delivery

*1Adeshina Tunde Joel, 2Udoh Abasido, 3Ndomi Benjamin and 2Aliyu  Muhibeedeen

1Department of Business Education, Federal College of Education, Zaria, Nigeria.

2Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

3Department of Vocational Education, Modibo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:; Tel:  234-8036146596 

Received 12 June, 2012; Accepted 25 July, 2012


This study examines the impact of Information Technology (IT) skills of Male and Female Secretarial Teachers in Nigerian Colleges of Education and their ability to utilize the Internet for Effective Lecture Delivery.  250 Secretarial Teachers drawn from 58 Accredited Nigerian Colleges of Education responded to the questionnaire that was divided into 4 parts.  The questionnaire was used to obtained information on the respondents’ Bio-data and computer use background, Teacher Information Technology Skill Acquisition Competence (TITSC), Teacher Information Technology Skills Usage (TITSU), Teacher Information Technology Internet Knowledge (TITIK), and The extent of usage of Internet information to teach the Secretarial courses.  Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Student t-test at 0.05 level of significance.  Results showed that there was no significant difference between the Male and Female Secretarial Teachers in the utilization of their IT skills to access information from the Internet for classroom delivery.  The result further revealed lack of basic IT skills needed to adequately equip the male and the female Secretarial Teachers with ability to download and upload quality information and teach students how to do that.  Owing to the lack of these IT skills therefore, the teachers were not capable in accessing Internet by using some Information Technology facilities to get vital information for effective classroom delivery.  it was therefore recommended that, Colleges of Education in Nigeria should ensure that they encourage all Secretarial Teachers to learn and acquire those IT skills they are lacking, because the more the Information Technology skills they possess, the greater their ability to use Internet for effective  teaching.


Keywords:  Information Technology (IT) skills, Internet utilization, Lecture Delivery.


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