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Towards teacher preparedness in teaching English language in primary schools

1S.K. Namachi, *2M.O. Okwara, 3F.C. Indoshi, 4J.O.  Shiundu, 5Emily A. Namachi

1/3/5Maseno University

*2Bondo University College

4Masinde Muliro University 

*Corresponding author email:

Received 06 July, 2011; Accepted 25 July, 2011


Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) reports for 1991 to 1995 on students’ performance in English revealed a consistent decline in performance year after year. Despite the efforts made by the government to improve the quality of English language teaching, stated objectives are still not being achieved at a satisfactory level, particularly in the academic skills of reading and writing.  The purpose of this study was to investigate teacher preparedness for the teaching of academic skills in English language in primary schools. Data was collected from teachers of English language through a questionnaire and interview schedule. Analysis of data revealed that the majority of teachers were not entirely clear about the ultimate aim of teaching English as a second language and that most teachers were not adequately prepared to teach the complex skills of reading and writing. It is recommended that induction of new teachers into the teaching profession should give much greater attention to setting objectives and to effective methods of instruction, when preparing teachers for teaching these essential academic skills in Primary schools.


Keywords: Teacher preparedness, academic skills, reading, writing.


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