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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 2(8), pp. 1334-1340  August 2011         
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Literacies and development in African countries

Idowu Biao 

Deputy Director, Institute of Extra-Mural Studies, National University of Lesotho, Maseru--Lesotho--Southern Africa. Email:

Received 23 July, 2011; Accepted 08 August, 2011


Over the centuries, literacy has been both identified and eulogised as a harbinger of both individual and social development. Yet, African nations that have regularly posted high literacy rates are yet to show any sign of meaningful development. Which type of literacy then brings about development? None of the myriad of typologies of literacy currently existing has been found to bring about a type of development that will significantly raise the Human Development Index of African nations. Consequently, a special literacy programme capable of impacting positively and meaningfully on the Human Development Index of African nations was designed and proposed here as a panacea to African development crisis; that special literacy programme is known here as the Human Development Index Literacy Programme.


Keywords: Literacy, social development, Human Development Index, African nations.

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