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An investigation of teachers’ attitudes towards parental involvement


1Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah, 2Rattana Seedee, 3*Naser Jamil Alzaidiyeen, 4Ahmad Al-Shabatat, 5Hashem Khaleel Alzeydeen, 6Abdul-Hamed Al-Awabdeh


1Department of Educational Management University Sains-Malaysia, Malaysia

2Department of Management Lampang Rahjabhat University, Thailand

3Department of Educational Technology Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia

4Departtment of Education University Albaha, KSA

5Department of Early Childhood University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

6Department of English Umm-Alqura University, KSA

*Corresponding author email: E-mail:; Tel: 00966550924285 

Received 04 June, 2011; Accepted 27 July, 2011


Parental involvement has been advocated as a strong indictor to the academic achievement of a child. A growing body of literature indicates that parental involvement has very positive effects on children success. The purpose of this study was to examine the in-service teachers’ attitudes towards parental involvement. Questionnaires were sent out to the in-service teachers’ at 20 government primary schools. The combined number of participants was 200 in-service teachers. The findings of this research indicate that in-service teachers’ had positive attitudes toward parental involvement. Likewise, the findings revealed that there were statistically significant correlations between teachers’ attitudes toward parental involvement and their age, highest degree and years of teaching experience. Implications and future research are discussed.


Keywords: Teachers’ attitudes, parental involvement, primary schools, demographic variables.

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