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Educational Research (ISSN: 2141-5161) Vol. 6(3), pp. 50-54, April 2015. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2015 International Research Journals


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Career maturity and Career Decision Making Status of Secondary School Students in Kisumu Municipality, Kenya

1*Quinter Migunde, 2Lucas Othuon, 3Catherine Mbagaya

1,2,3Maseno University Department of Educational Psychology P.O. Box 333 Maseno

*Corresponding author’s email:

Received March 18, 2015;  Accepted April 23, 2015



The purpose of this study was to establish the career maturity and career decision making status of secondary school students in Kisumu Municipality and to determine the relationship between career maturity and career indecision of secondary school students in Kisumu Municipality, Kenya.  A sample of 370 secondary school students from year one to year four were surveyed on career maturity and career indecision. The current study found that students from public schools are more career mature and have lower career indecision than their counter parts from private schools, receiving career counseling significantly increases one’s level of career maturity and females scored significantly higher on career indecision. Career maturity was found to be a significant predictor of career indecision. Based on the results, the researcher came to the conclusion that the type of school a student attends and career counseling has significant influence on their career maturity and decision making status. As career maturity increases, students’ level of career indecision decreases. Secondary school students should be provided with adequate career information encouraged to explore various careers and consult widely so as to improve their levels of career maturity.

Key word: Career maturity, Career indecision, Gender, Type of school, Career counseling. 



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