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Educational Research (ISSN: 2141-5161) Vol. 5(3), pp. 98-106, April 2014. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2014 International Research Journals



Building organizational citizenship behavior with creative organizational climate support: a conceptual framework in higher education  

Praptini Yulianti 

Department of Management, Airlangga University, Indonesia 

E-mail:; Phone; + 6231- 5933647, Fax: +6231-5026288, 5053155



Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is an important aspect to achieve the best performance of lecturers in universities. OCB is not only for extra role behavior beyond the job description, but also resulted at changes in performance by providing creative ideas for changes in the organization. OCB directed at changes in performance built through Perceived Organizational Support, which cause Organizational Identification and Affective Commitment. The appearance of OCB directed at changes in performance of lecturers in universities can be supported by Creative Organizational Climate. 

Keywords: Organization Citizenship Behavior, Perceived Organizational Support, Organizational Identification, Affective Commitment  Creative Organizational Climate.

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